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Related article: Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 19:28:57 EDT From: Toby Subject: after work part one(All the legal stuff blah blah, you know the drill)I signed off from work, collected my pay when Mark called to me. "Hang on kid, I'm almost done and then we can walk home together" so I sat out back and had a fag while waiting for him. I'm 15, almost 16 but it's quite normal to smoke around here at this age. He called out to me again, trying to have a conversation with me, I walk over and see he is bending down right in front of me with his trousers low down, so half his ass is showing. A bit of light hair is creeping from the crack, and until now I hadn't thought about this creepy 46 year old man in this way.... his ass was turning me on!! Oh god, I thought, quickly finished off my fag and walked away. When he was done, we started walking up the hill. He kept stopping to talk to me, and the whole time I was admiring his body. An almost-bald head, a bit of a beer belly, a really hairy dirty man, but this feeling inside of me kept crying out "I need to fuck him hard" There was no one at home, so he suggested I come back to his and I could smoke with him, I agreed, after all I had nothing better to do. So we walk up to his place, its kinda old and creepy looking inside. All of a sudden he's ` dropped' his pen, and hes bending down right in front of me again with his ass crack in my face. He notices im staring, and pulls his trousers down. Something takes over, and I grab his ass cheek, rip down my pants and try to fuck him. "No kid" he says, getting me off him. "First, I gotta have my fun" and he gives me this evil smile. He grabs me and drags me to his bedroom. I don't know whether he knew or not, but I was having serious second thoughts about all of this. "I'm gonna go back home" I said, but he locked me In and threw me to the foot of the bed. "Your not going anywhere tonight" he said, and he pulled my tshirt over my head, and then his. His hairy stout bear body stood in front of me, hairy chest and stomach, a nice big FAT seven inch cock stood completely upright, with precum dripping from it. Then he jumped, he jumped on me and held my hands back. "Damn, its been a long time since I had a guy this young" he said to me, and starting thrusting his cock into my stomach. Then he let go of my hands to pull off the rest of my jeans. From all the thrusting he had done against me, he had made a small pool of precum on my belly. "I' m gonna fuck you kid, and im gonna warn you now, I can go all night" he said as he scooped up the precum onto his finger and shoved it into my ass. AHHHH I shouted out, but he didn't stop, instead he put in a second finger. Then he Nn Lolita Bbs spat onto his hand, and put it back in me. He lifted up my legs and told me to rap them around his back, which I did, half out of fear. He lined up his fat hairy cock to my virgin hole, and with one slow thrust, pushed all seven inches into me until his balls were rubbing my ass cheeks. The pain was brief, I really enjoyed it after maybe 3 minutes. He fucked me long and hard, sweat dripping down from his chest and rubbing against mine. He fucked me so hard, and I enjoyed every minute. This hairy older man was raping my ass, and I was loving it. Then he started to get faster, and he started to moan out loud, soon I could feel his sticky gush of man sperm flood my ass, and he passed out on top of me, his hard cock still in me, gushing out more sperm. The door was locked, I had no idea where the key was and he was semi unconscious on top of me....To be continued.
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